LD_Payroll tracks all the information for maintaining a company’s payroll. Tracking hours, pay rates, wage and salaries, leave and Superannuation contributions. LD_Payroll also operates as an end-to-end Single Touch Payroll solution, which allows you to run your payroll and send the Australian Taxation Office the required salary and wage, tax and superannuation information directly from with the payroll software.


LD_Payroll is part of the Logical Developments’ modular solutions. This means it can be standalone or be integrated with LD financial modules so finalising your pay run is automatically posted into your accounting records. Designed with Omnis Studio, where it is used as standalone, it can talk to your accounting package of choice to streamline entry or even eliminate double entry.


LD_Payroll captures all of the information required by the Australian Taxation Office.

It also features:

  • User customisation of payroll styles
  • Tools for shift requirements and Overtime methods
  • A payday payment for setting up the pay-run
  • Tailor made pre and post-tax adjustment tools per employee
  • Leave tracking
    • Annual Leave, Long Service Leave, Other Paid Personal Leave
    • A variety of Unpaid leave
  • The ability to email employees their remittance
  • Super-clearing house utility
  • ATO Payload Status window: see past submissions to ATO and their status.
  • Stores current and past tax tables, picking the correct table as dictated by the date of payment.
  • For banking integration: generate ABA files and/or suitable reports to streamline the actual payment of the payroll
  • Capture/Track other employee information:
    • Next of kin
    • Profession/Skills
    • Education & Training
    • Employment History


Relevant reports can be printed from the Payday window, as part of the finalise process and/or as a reprint. All reports and others are also available from the Report menu.

  • Payday Summary: (for internal use) lists pay records within the nominated date range. Showing the totals of the pay event and pay details of each employee paid.
  • Remittance: can be printed or emailed. Shows the employee the elements of their current pay: pay period, payment date, Gross, PAYG, Super and adjustments with YTD totals. Other details given: the Payment made, and Paid Leave accruement & utilisation. (The layout is designed ready for a window DL envelope.)
  • Super Clearance – the super clearing house utility provides a summary report detailing the total submitted, the employees covered and the types of superannuation remitted: guaranteed, salary sacrifice, employer extra.
  • PAYG Summary: for a single employee, or all. For YTD to the nominated date. Shows employees pay, in the layout of the ATO issued PAYG Summary. However, shows all adjustments, not all of which would have been included in the reports submitted to the ATO.
  • Payroll Audit Trail: for a single employee, or all, within the date range nominated. In order of employee, shows their basic information: code, name, address, TFN, DOB and Bank details. Then in order of accounting category, lists posting to that accounting category. (If produced for the same date range, will tally to the YTD totals in the remittance.)

LD Modules – Requirements and Recommendations

  • Requires the Contacts module
  • Recommended:
    • Cash
    • Accounting (for Accrual Accounting)