UWA Student Guild Second-Hand Bookshop – Betty

UWA Student Guild

To me, the two most valuable features are:

  1. the speed of the Point of Sale component.
  2. the automatic update of contracts as items are sold.

This means a high degree of efficiency and accuracy, which are really important when processing thousands of books every year.

As I had limited computer experience before using Bookshop, other key issues were user-friendliness and having support available. Bookshop is really easy to use, and Logical Developments team is friendly and helpful.

Curtin Student Guild Second-Hand Bookshop – Helen and Maree and Brent

Curtin Student Guild

We are both extremely happy with the Bookshop program.

We had been using another program previously, but find that Bookshop is much faster and more efficient, particularly with sales and contract payments.

Its user-friendliness means two major benefits: very few clerical errors and it is so easy to teach temporary casual staff.

We rate the service and support very highly, in fact, 10/10. Staff are friendly and helpful, and it’s refreshing to have things explained in simple English instead of “computerese”.

We recommend this program to anyone.

Brent Penberthy, the student guild’s Operations Manager, has this to say:

We engaged Logical Developments to develop this software back in 2000. Since that time I know they have sold it to other Bookshop operators, and as a result we have benefited from continual updates and enhancements that have been requested by other users.

Paul and Caroline from Logical Developments are really easy to work with. Their communication skills areexcellent – because God knows I usually get lost when talking to IT people…but not with them.

Carine Senior High School – Beth Haines

We have minimal computer skills, but this program makes it possible to run an efficient and user-friendly bookshop.

We appreciate especially:

  • The speed of processing sales accurately.
  • The simplicity of this program.
  • The accountability made possible by the automatic record-keeping. If sellers, staff, or customers have a query, Bookshop can trace back any transaction for clarification, and verification. A summary of trading is automatically generated, including money received, liability to sellers, commission, books sold.
  • Refunds are processed quickly and accurately, so returned books can be put back on display immediately for resale.
  • Late submissions of books for sale are easily accommodated.

At the end of the year, books are received from out-going students. They are barcoded and priced for a three-day sale at the end of January. On the first day of sale, the opening queue is a long one. There is intense pressure to process sales quickly and accurately. Bookshop handles everything easily; plus we have an accurate record for the sellers, and customers get an itemized account. Cheques and any unsold books are returned to the sellers.

We appreciate Logical Developments staff for their prompt technical assistance, trouble-shooting and support. They adapted Bookshop to our needs, responding to our request for the generation of a mailout summary, itemizing sold and unsold books, and amounts due, for each seller individually.

Bookshop has made a great difference to the confidence we have, as a bunch of volunteers, to run an efficient bookshop, and come out of it with satisfied sellers and buyers, and a belief we have served our school and community well!