To me, the two most valuable features are:

  1. the speed of the Point of Sale component.
  2. the automatic update of contracts as items are sold.

This means a high degree of efficiency and accuracy, which are really important when processing thousands of books every year.

As I had limited computer experience before using Bookshop, other key issues were user-friendliness and having support available. Bookshop is really easy to use, and Logical Developments team is friendly and helpful.


UWA Student Guild Second-Hand Bookshop - Betty July 21, 2014

Managing partners Paul and Kay say “We have been using BOOKINGS for several years, and happily endorse it. It suits our driving school ‘to a T’. We like all the features, especially:

  • how easily it handles extended / recurring bookings with just one entry.
  • whilst we are making a booking, we can easily click to the student’s booking history – this check ensures that we have matched them to the appropriate vehicle.
  • we can utilise a student’s Learners Permit number as their unique contact code - this means we can handle several people with the same name without confusion, and it doubles as a Permit check at the same time.
  • if there is a discrepancy with our end-of-day reconciliation, it is easy to cross-reference the payment entries with the booking sheet, to find any mistakes.

Katrina and Tracey appreciate how user-friendly the program is, and in particular like the colour code feature. “When we make bookings, we not only have to match the vehicle with a student, but with a teacher too. By colour-coding each teacher we can see at a glance if we have double-booked him, and can rectify that immediately.”

Katrina adds that she really likes the inbuilt contacts manager, especially the versatile customer search, which can be done by surname, permit number, and even phone number.

Kay says “Our liaison with Logical Developments began over 10 years ago when we purchased their ConNote program for our transport company. We were so happy with that program, and the high level of customer service, that they were the obvious choice when it came to software for our driving school.

I cannot speak highly enough of Paul, who does our support. His determination to please is very commendable.”

Kay sums it all up with: “Brilliant, absolutely brilliant”.

Paul and Kay Keen Managing partners July 17, 2014