Staff News – February 2017

Paul and Caroline had five days of restful holiday in the lovely south west coastal town of Augusta. Thankfully, on Friday Feb 10th they decided not to drive to south east to Esperance, as had been planned. Over the next couple of days Esperance and surrounding areas received record un-seasonal rainfall. Tragically two people lost their lives, as the floodwaters caused severe damage to roads and bridges, also isolating many in the area. Some now flooded areas having been under bushfire threats only a couple of days earlier.
For news reports see: ABC Emergency Twitter .

Esperance road washed away

This week marks the first anniversary of Graeme‘s employment here at LD. As well as general programming updates he has developed two significant programs for our Omnis Studio clients to: enable EDI with their suppliers and customers: integrate an Automated Vertical Storage Unit to work with existing warehousing software.

Sadly for LD, Phoebe has decided on a new career after returning from maternity leave. As a complete change from a ‘desk job’, she is now teaching swimming to babies and toddlers. We wish Phoebe, Russell and Sophie all the best for the future and look forward to keeping in touch.

‘Sophie’s visit to LD’ – January 2017