Logical Developments uses Teamviewer to provide remote software support to clients.

 To use Teamviewer – in a support consultation with Logical Developments:
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Click the links below, to view our current Price List and Charges Summary.
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In short, Support will be charged in one of two ways:

      • at the full hourly rate
      • at a discounted rate – when a valid Support Agreement is in place

Support Agreements

Option A: Updates Only @ $495.00 per annum

Option B: Updates and 10 Hours of Support Package @ $1760.00 each

Terms and Conditions

      • All prices include GST.
      • Agreements are perpetual until Cancelled
      • Support hours may be applied to any possible support/development charges

Option A: is invoiced annually on 1st February (mid-year start charged pro-rata)

Option B: Support hours are purchased 10 Hours at a time (package)

      • As pre-paid hours are consumed, a “Support Usage” invoice for $0 will be issued, with details of how the hours were applied.
      • When balance of hours falls below 2, the client will automatically be charged for an additional package
      • Unused hours will expire 12 months from the last ‘charging’ invoice
Phone/online support:
      • Minimum charge of 15 minutes applies, further charge in 15 minute increments.
On-site support:
      • Perth metro: minimum callout fee of 1 hour including travel.
      • Outside of Perth metro: quote will be provided.
Support Charges

Support charges apply for such issues as:

      • Problems due to incorrect preference settings and/or user error.
      • Providing additional staff training and assistance.
      • Installation, hardware and/or network issues.


    • The purchase price of any Logical Developments software includes a 30 day Warranty period.
    • Where the software does not operate as advertised (eg development specifications), and this is reported to LD within the Warranty period, a correction will be made free of charge.
    • Automatic updates for the software package, are included free of charge, during the 30 day Warranty period.

Software Development Process

For an overview of the type of software systems that we provide, please refer to the following PDF document.  This also contains an overview of the purchasers obligations and rights under Australian Consumer Law, and a brief summary of our software development process.

About Software and the Development Life Cycle