Ride to Work Breakfast

The LD team participated in the Ride2Work Day Breakfast at Elizabeth Quay in Perth.

It’s about 20km round trip from the office into the CBD.  Some of the team regularly ride into work, so it was a good opportunity for team building. We recognise that computer programming is a fairly sedentary activity, so we need to have regular exercise to offset the long periods of sitting down.

LD Team at the Ride2Work Breakfast

Bike riding has a number of benefits:

Improve your health – A regular ride to work can help reduce the risks associated with physical inactivity – including cardiovascular disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, some cancers, obesity and depression.

Save time – A 5km to 10km ride to work will only take 15 to 30 minutes on average. Peak-hour city trips up to 10km are generally faster by bike than any other form of transport, door to door.

Save money – People who ride to work not only save time and get fit, but save from $6,000 – $15,000 which is usually spent on fuel, car repairs, public transport tickets and parking.

Care for the environment – Cycling is a zero emission transport. Riding 10km each way to work instead of driving saves 1.3 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually.

Increase productivity – Businesses that encourage staff to cycle to work benefit from increased productivity as a result of improved fitness and mental health.

Make commuting safer – More cyclists on the roads leads to a safer commute for everyone. It also helps increases the need for better bike facilities in general.