Point-of-sale system for video hire and various other transactions. It caters for videos, DVDs, games, confectionary and sale of ex-hire stock. Provides statistics including your ‘top ten’ movies.


An extremely versatile software package covering:

  • Memberships (including VIP Members).
  • Hire and sales of videos, DVDs, games and confectionary.
  • Damage penalties and overdue fines.
  • Confectionary stock.
  • Statistics covering movies and memberships (incl. Top 10).


  • Multi level security access.
  • Automatic adjustment to stock and membership data with each sale/hire.
  • Hire rates, based on a simple table, can be changed to cater for ‘specials’.
  • Movies performance details available.
  • When ex-rental videos, DVDs and games are sold, their historical data is retained.
  • VIDEO can be exported to MYOB, further streamlining your work load.
  • POS system delivers accuracy, efficiency and time-saving.
  • VIDEO can be adapted to your individual needs.


  • Daily transaction summary
  • Till reconciliation
  • Sales history
  • WA stamp duty
  • Top 10/25
  • Statistics – movies and membership
  • Overdues