Bookshop is primarily designed to sell second hand books on a commission basis. It features an in-built contracts manager and can also handle:

  • Items other than books
  • New/Wholesale stock
  • Shop owned items with 100% takings


Bookshop is a total software package, including:

  • Contract Maintenance
  • Point of Sale
  • Catalogue System
  • Extensive Reporting options including daily trade summary and cash reconciliation
  • Handling of unclaimed items/monies when contracts expire
  • Generation of barcode labels

Suitable for:

  • Universities, colleges, schools
  • Large concerns with fully automated electronic systems
  • Small/medium businesses with hand-written tags/codes
  • Those wanting to streamline current operations or to establish a new computerised system

Customising Facilities

Logical Developments specialises in customised software and can add features if required to extend the functionality.


IBM PC Compatible

  • Windows: 2000/XP
  • Linux:RedHat 9 or similar. X11R6.


  • Mac OS X 10.4 or later

Point of Sale Hardware

  • Serial Docket/Receipt printer (eg Epson TMU220 or similar)
  • “Keyboard Wedge” Style Barcode Scanner (Either USB or PS/2)
  • Cash Drawer

We can provide Point of Sale Hardware. Contact us for more details.


Benefits of a computerised system:

  • Speed, accuracy, efficiency
  • Consequently, more cost effective
  • All information available at your fingertips
  • Streamlined filing of all information
  • Security restricting access
  • Automated backups to preserve important data
  • Guest Access mode allows students to check their own contracts without tying up valuable staff time

Web Access

The bookshop package can be configured with a web server to allow restricted access to the system across the internet. Users can access:

  • Their own contract, to check how many items have been sold and if any payment is due
  • The Stock Search window, to locate available items

Other Features

  • Caters for Gift Vouchers and Refunds
  • Multiple payment types
  • Postcode lookup


There are multiple levels of access to the system:

No Access
Access is denied completely
Guest Access
Can be used at a public workstation and allow people to check their own contract, or perform title searches. The contract window is display only for the guest user. All other functions are disabled.
Full Access
For POS operator to carry out daily operations
Allow system administrator access to all functions including maintenance and user access.

Catalogue System

Title needs cataloguing only once – one entry can cover several contract items of the same title. Books are catalogued according to title, ISBN, author and brief description. The Stock File will list the titles with barcodes and sellers matched against them.

Title Search

There are extensive search options that allow books to be located on any number of fields: barcode, ISBN, author, edition, subject, and title. Partial match searches are possible. This search is also available on the sales window during data entry. Once a title is selected, a list of contract items against that title will appear displaying title, author, barcode, contract number, date sold and selling price.


Summary and detailed reports for each of the following:

  1. Contracts
  2. Sales
  3. Stock
  4. Book Movement for the selected date:
    • Summary – Books added, sold, number of contract books and shop-owned books.
    • Detailed – Summary details plus a list of every title and total for that title.
  5. Catalogued titles
  6. End of Day Report provides a succinct summary of the day’s trade including stock movement, till reconciliation and notes associated with summary. These figures can be used to transfer financial details to the main accounting system.
  7. Liability Report is used to summarise monies not yet paid out on contracts – the shop’s liability to the contract holder.
  8. Barcode Labels: each book for sale on contract is individually bar-coded for ease of entry and point-of-sale. Sheets of labels can be generated on demand.

Year End Processing

Allows for end of year of year processing including:

  • Payouts
  • Removal of expired contracts
  • Transfer of stock
  • Purging sold items and sales


Bookshop costs AUD$1100.00. Each additional workstation costs $440.00. Price includes:

  • Software
  • Comprehensive manual
  • One month email/phone support


On-site training can be arranged on request at our standard support rates. Travel costs apply to outer Perth metro and country locations.

Service and Support

Our standard service and support options are available for bookshop.

The Bookshop Process:

  1. The seller completes a contract form.
  2. Contract items are barcoded.
  3. Details are entered into the system, and seller retains the contract form for their own record.
  4. When contract items are sold, commission is automatically calculated and allocated to sellers account, and the contract item is removed from the available stock list.
  5. Seller can claim payment and/or unsold items at any time throughout the contract.
  6. When the contract reaches the expiry date, any unsold items and unpaid dues are passed onto the seller.
  7. If contract items and/or monies are not claimed, after a grace period, they can be transferred to the shop account if in accord with contract conditions.