Roster Module

Who can do what? and when? and where? How to find a suitable replacement at the last minute? Roster is designed to take the headache out of matching shifts with staff qualifications and availability, and managing any last minute changes.

Main features and benefits:

  • In-built extended contacts manager.
  • Generated reports make for easy pay calculations.
  • Head office can oversee staffing/rosters for all branches.
  • Web-based access which enables each staff member access to:
    • their individual roster,
    • site rosters of relevant branches,
    • data entry of Timekeeper,
    • personal password maintenance.

Roster caters for:

  • leave and RDOs.
  • full time, part time, temporary, agency workers.
  • standard and (potential) replacement staff.
  • public holidays, with individual sites/subsets being open (or not).

Other features and benefits:

  • The roster is colour-coded for easy identification of conflict.
  • Staff members can be categorised, eg: by position, qualification, & availability.
  • When allocating staff to a roster, extensive validation verifies staff availability and suitability for the position.
  • Allocate staff requirements and open hours to each branch/site.
  • Branches may be split into smaller subsets, allowing for reduced staff for, eg Public holidays.
  • Multi-level security access and password maintenance for staff members.
  • Roster reports (colour coded as per the roster):
    • Week At a Glance,
    • Site Roster,
    • Staff Roster,
    • Availability Report,
    • Annual Leave Report,
    • Extensive reporting for pay calculations.
  • An inbuilt timekeeper provides a staff time-clock.
  • Staff clock on/off real hours, allowing for variances to rostered hours.
  • Roster will not accept staff clocking off ahead of real time.