Contacts Module

A Contact Manager with all contact, delivery and financial details at your fingertips: a section for notes/comments, plus a section which can be customised to address your specific data requirements. Use as a stand-alone or with other Logical Developments modules.

Can Be Used In

Business, committee, personal situations.

How Does It Work?

  • Use as a stand-alone, or as one of several optional components forming a modular computer system designed by Logical Developments.
  • Other modules can access CONTACTS data at any time. This means that details do not have to be copied every time they are needed.
  • Details are entered only the once on initial contact, and can be updated whenever necessary. So, when another module seeks access, it gets the latest up-to-date information.
  • Consequently, two major benefits are accuracy and saving time.
  • It is possible to have this module integrated into your own customised software package.


An easy to use – one window with five standard panes, each dealing with a particular aspect of information.

  • Contact pane.
  • Delivery pane – handles multiple addresses.
  • Financial pane.
  • Notes pane – caters for extra information needs.
  • Custom pane – designed just for you.