Bookings Module

Delivery address entry

This computerised appointment book is easily adapted to the format of your choice. Two main benefits are accuracy and efficiency, as extended and/or multiple bookings can be made as a single entry.

Suitable for

Anyone who uses an appointment book.

Features and Benefits

  • Inbuilt Contacts manager. Client details need only be entered once.
  • Multiple and extended bookings can be made as a single entry: Likewise multiple modifications.
  • Multi-user capabilities.
  • Allows for temporary resource changes.
  • Bookings can be colour coded.
  • Easy to operate: make/modify bookings whilst talking with the client.
  • Various report formats available.
  • Security – password system allowing different levels of access.
  • Booking details can be automatically linked with Accounting Package module (optional) for fast, accurate invoicing.

Bookings also features customised booking sheets, colour code options and report facilities.