Accounting Module

Provides Accrual Acccounting Functions, ie a General Ledger. Deals efficiently with GST and BAS (including overdue entries for BAS statements).

Who could use Accounting?

Small to medium sized businesses. Ideal for manufacturers/retailers (for a single entry cash based accounting package see Cash.).


  • User friendly.
  • Handles GST and BAS with ease.
  • It can satisfy your exact requirements.
  • You can design your own customised reports.
  • Provides an approved audit trail.
  • Choice of payment terms available: overdue periods are calculated according to these individual terms.
  • Up-to-date customer balances available at any time.
  • Capacity for unlimited records (dependent on hard disk space).
  • Bank reconciliations can be done in stages.

Accounting also includes accounting, auditing and security features. As well as contact maintenance, invoicing, product inventory control and report features.

Transaction security

  • Password protection available. (up to 10 users).
  • Entries cannot be saved unless:
    • all key fields have required transaction entries.
    • deposit details match $ amount of transaction.


Accounting reports are extremely flexible.

  • Income/Expense – Can easily be tailor made at any time to suit the immediate need.
  • Personal or business reports available.
  • Include every category, or selected ones only.
  • Cash balances.
  • Profit and loss.
  • Business cash flow. (including BAS storage category)

Optional Extras

All the above features apply to Accounting. Modules can be added to Accounting to expand the features and meet other needs.
Other General Modules available are:

  • Assets.
  • Budgets.
  • Contacts
  • Invoices.
  • Payables
  • Products.
  • Receivables.
  • Sync.

All have associated reports attached.