Pilot Installations: Single Touch Payroll

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) now requires all businesses to use a Single Touch Payroll (STP) system to manage their employee’s tax and super contributions. To bring our own accounting modules into alignment with the ATO’s requirements, the development team has been hard at work building a STP update for the Payroll Module (read more about STP here).

Having successfully communicated with the ATO’s test server, the development team feel confident that they can move ahead and install the update on a couple of pilot sites. By having pilot installations, we can work under real-world conditions. Our first pilot installation with occur on Monday the 8th of July, and will allow us to observe the Payroll module as it interacts with the wider modular system. During the pilot phase, we can further tailor the Payroll module to meet the needs of our clients while also easing the tax reporting process.

This will be closely followed by our second pilot installation for an organisation which utilises Payroll as a standalone package. This will help the team observe and tweak how Payroll interacts with third party accounting software. The second pilot install will provide the team with information for large companies and how to efficiently handle large quantities of data.

By upgrading the Payroll module to be both part of the modular system and also function as a standalone package, we’re able to provide our clients with a dedicated package that enables them to move away from manually processing their payroll. When using the Payroll module, users will benefit from having the system stay up to date with tax legislation, simplifying the process of data entry and has to ability to generate all the relevant reports.

Payroll also stores current and past tax tables, enabling a pay record to pickup the correct tax table as dictated by the date of payment.

Other features include:

  • Information capture required by the ATO (i.e. tax file declaration)
  • Generation of ABA files and/or suitable reports to integrate with banking requirements
  • User customisation of payroll styles
  • Tools for shift requirements and overtime methods
  • Templates per employee for salary or wage payments
  • Tailor made pre and post-tax adjustment tools per employee
    • Common examples: Salary sacrifice, paid allowances, charitable giving on behalf of the employee, Court order garnishing etc.
  • A payday payment for setting up the pay run
  • Tracking for Leave, Long Service Leave and Sick days
  • Emails employees their remittance.

If you’re interested in using Payroll for your accounting needs, contact us via email at sales@logicaldevelopments.com.au or call the office on (08) 9458 3889.

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