Farewell to Graeme (August 2019)

Graeme has been working for LD for three and half a years, beating out the company average of two years. All good things must come to end, and we’re sad to announce that today marks Graeme’s last day with Logical Developments.

A long time friend of Paul & Caroline, Graeme came on board as a fellow developer. You can find his initials over 7000 times across DataCare, Able Sales and the LD Modular system, writing and updating code. He has logged 6845 hours in the time keeper.

Graeme is the #1 developer by resolution of bugs, at a 96% rate of effectiveness, just pipping Paul and Caroline’s 93%. He has worked on a breadth of projects ranging from Warehouse scanners to the Emmaus Online Database. His work and ethic has been invaluable to the team.

Perhaps more importantly, he has contributed to a warm working environment, working hard to embody the office motto of “making someone’s day better”. He wore a warm (and often cheeky) smile, waiting to tell a classic ‘Dad joke’ or enlighten the office with a pun and was always ready with advice on bike maintenance.

When asked for some parting words, Graeme had this to say, “I have really enjoyed my time working at LD, in particular the warm, friendly team environment, and the strong customer focus. It has been a pleasure to help make our clients day better on so many occasions over the past three and a half years.”

Thank you Graeme for your time with us, while you’re friendship will continue with everyone in the office, we will miss you, and we wish you all the best for your future endeavours!