What about GST?

Bookshop caters for those who are GST registered. GST can be automatically calculated for both wholesale and second hand items. GST applies to the service of selling second-hand items. Once set up in system preferences, it is automatically calculated. The GST component is displayed on the sales window, and on the tax invoice.

Does it cater for personalised receipts?

Name and ABN appear on the receipt as entered in the system preferences.

What happens to unsold items and unclaimed payments?

If payment and/or unsold items have not been claimed by the date set on the contract, Bookshop can transfer them to your own account. You can remove unwanted items from the system and remove them from the shelf.

Is it possible to extend a contract?

Yes. This process is called renewing a contract.

Can we monitor monies due to the sellers?

Yes. At any given time, both individually and a sum total of all contracts. A contract displays each item: its selling price, date sold and date paid. A summary line displays: total number of contract items, number of unsold items, total amount due to be paid. These details are automatically updated with each sale and payment made. The total liability report shows either a summary figure, or a detailed list for all contracts with monies owing.

How are refunds and voucher payments accounted for?

Refunds and voucher payments are automatically totalled and included in the end of day till reconciliation.

How do you determine the commission rate?

When installing Bookshop, you can setup a list of optional rates in system preferences. Commission is settled according to shop policy. When creating a contract you select the required option. This rate applies to every item on that contract, and can be overridden if necessary.

When is ‘money due’ paid to the contract holder?

Any time after the contract item(s) have been sold. A cheque run can be raised at the end of the year as part of the Year End Processing function.

Is it possible to remove item(s) before a contract expires?

Yes, if it is in accordance with the contract agreement.

Can I put a sale “On Hold”?

Yes, indefinitely. It is not counted in the till reconciliation. Held sales can be resumed at any time.

Can a customer swap items?

Yes, if in keeping with shop policy. If sale is on hold: just resume sale, remove unwanted item and add the new. Once a sale has been saved: Give refund for unwanted item. Create new sale for wanted item. (It is not possible to issue a refund on an item that has been paid out)

Does it have inventory management for new/wholesale stock?

New stock is entered in the stock window. With each sale, the shelf quantity is automatically adjusted.

How do we code items?

There is an option to print barcodes on sheets of labels. The last printed barcode is stored in system preferences.

Does the bookshop interface with other systems?

The Bookshop program can interface with the guild’s student database using ODBC, so that the bookshop staff can enter just the student number, and all other details are retrieved from the other database system.

Can figures be exported to an external accounting system?

Yes, Bookshop is capable of exporting financial data to the LD accounting modules or an external accounting package eg MYOB, Quicken or to a spreadsheet eg Excell.

Can monies be paid direct to a seller’s bank account?

Yes, Bookshop can be set up so that monies due to sellers can be transferred directly to their bank account. This is done using ABA files when the BSB and account number of the seller is recorded.