ConNote Modular System


Which database does ConNote use?  

The ConNote application is built using the Omnis Studio database engine.

What are the system requirements for ConNote?  

ConNote can be used with either a Mac or Windows operating system.
MAC – OSX 10.7 or higher, Intel system, 2GB RAM and 250 MB free hard disk space
WINDOWS – Intel system, 2GB RAM and 250 MB free hard disk space, Windows 8 or above. Omnis Studio is likely to run with earlier Windows operating systems, however these are not tested configurations. (We use Windows 7 in our office without issues.)

Can the ConNote datafile be used on multiple workstations? 

Omnis Studio uses a peer-to-peer file sharing mechanism for datafile access.
One machine in the network, is designated as the server and holds the data file, additional workstations then access the datafile via a network share.
Sometimes, installation of the Omnis Databridge component is required. This enables ConNote access to the datafile on the server, via a port number, rather than directly.

How is the datafile accessed on the additional workstations?

The datafile is accessed via ConNote, which is installed on each workstation.
For sites with a slow network or communication issues, a Terminal Server and Remote Desktop setup, can be a better option than having ConNote installed on each workstation.

Could a wireless(wifi) network be used for ConNote datafile sharing?  

Datafile access over wireless (wifi) networks is NOT reliable. Any interruption in the network can potentially cause corruption of the datafile.

Is there difference between using a LAN or a WAN for datafile sharing?  

The server and workstations need to be located within a Local Area Network.
Omnis’ datafile access, generates a lot of network traffic, therefore a Wide Area Network is NOT suitable.
For an alternative to WAN see the question below.
Datafile sharing with workstations outside of a LAN is not recommended and not supported.

Is there a way to share ConNote datafile over a larger area, or with off-site workstations? 

It is possible to have access to ConNote over a larger area, or from off-site workstations, using Terminal Server and Remote Desktop.
ConNote is installed on a Terminal Server setup, then each off-site user runs Remote Desktop to access the ConNote application and data.

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