EurOmnis and your business

Exciting new features for business software will be released at the EurOmnis Conference 2018
7th -12th October 2018 – Kerpen, Germany

“We wish conference delegates all the best, as they travel from around the world to meet together, share ideas and learn about the latest in Omnis software.
Here at Logical Developments, we look forward to using the new innovations for Studio 8.1, and to previewing Studio 9 ahead of it’s release next year.”

“We use Omnis, because it is the only truly cross platform (iOS, Win, Android, Linux), Rapid Development and Deployment tool, in the market.
When we looked at other languages and suites nothing does things quite as robustly and quickly as Omnis.”

    Logical Developments (Director) Paul Mulroney – Omnis Studio user, member of the Omnis Technical Community, Australasian Education Resource for Omnis

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