Electrical Distributors launches the ED Toolkit (16th Feb 12)

Logical Developments, in conjunction with Lateral IT Solutions and Electrical Distributors are pleased to announce the launch of the ED Toolkit, an iPhone application designed to assist electrical contractors solve the day-to-day problems that they face in the industry.

The application has a number of features, the key feature being the Electrician’s Toolkit, a collection of formulae, calculations and tables which are used commonly by electrical contractors. These include the formula for Ohms Law, Maximum Circuit Length, AC single/three phase and Voltage Drop.

The toolkit contains a Voltage Drop Calculator which allows the electrical contractor to enter the parameters of the calculation, from which the app generates the result and then recommend cables that would be suitable for those conditions.


The application includes all Electrical Distributors Branch Locations. You can call or email the branch directly, as well as get directions to the branch using the Mapsapp.

You can also Scan QR codes from within the app. For those electrical products that have QR codes on them, you can scan the code and be taken to the manufacturer’s website.

Other features of the app include the Electrical Distributor’s Supply Partners, and the ability to contact Electrical Distributors directly via email to Request a Quote for your specific project.

You can download the app from the app store


For more information, contact Logical Developments or Electrical Distributors.