ConNote – Online Customer Portal

Part of the Logical Developments Modular System, ConNote generates and tracks both manifests and invoices from Consignment notes for the transport industry. ConNote simplifies the workflow, allowing for single data input before generating a manifest or invoice. Commissioned by Bishop Transport, the team has been working on an upgrade with new features and some usability updates.

ConNote now features an online customer portal. End-users (Companies that wish to transport freight) are able to skip the phone call to the office, and create quotes for themselves 24/7. No software required is by the end-user, they login via their browser of choice.

By allowing end-users to create and review their own quotes, office transport staff will be able to focus on the more unique requests and the facilitation of freight transportation. With direct access to generating a quote, the online customer portal streamlines data entry, reducing the chance of miscommunication or a misquote.

The Online Customer Portal features:

New Quotes:

  • Preexisting end-users will have all the appropriate business information prefill the form.
  • The system will pick the closest depot based on the delivery address.
  • As end-users configure their quote, the system will dynamically update the pricing, allowing the end-user to see the cost without needing to refresh the page.

Existing Quotes:

  • End-users are able to convert open quotes to a pick up or consignment.
  • Quotes can be sorted by chronological order, by recent (last 30 days), by open or by all quotes.
  • The ability for an admin account to create sub-accounts within a business (allowing for multiple people to generate quotes).
  • End-users are able to create a pick up (where the goods are collected and taken to the depot) or a Consignment (dealing with just the freight). The End-user is also able to indicate if delivery is required from the receiving depot.

Other Functions:

  • Users can create a pickup directly, rather than going by through the full process of generating a quote.
  • Proof of delivery is available from the home screen, with the most recent consignments at the top of the list.

Usability updates:

  • Embedded validations – 280cm (H), 250cm (W), 600cm (L) and 10, 000 kg. ConNote now has validations for maximum height, width, length and weight. It also has validations for dangerous goods.
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