ConNote 3.32 Released

15th March 2016

Logical Developments are pleased to announce the latest release for the ConNote Module.

This latest version includes the fixes listed below.

For clients with a current LD Support Agreement, this update will download and install automatically.

For clients without a current Support Agreement, please contact LD to request a callout. Fees will apply.

Any ConNote clients experiencing problems, please contact Logical Developments:   or   08 94583889 (Mon – Fri 8am – 5pm AWST)


Fixed in this update:

0007151: After converting a pickup, sometimes Edit is not enabled in Consignment window

Fixed problem where under some conditions, if you convert a Pickup to a Consignment, the Edit button on the Consignment window is not enabled.

0007150: Quotation Window Line Items

Fixed a problem that when editing line items in the Quotes window – caused the Price Per Item to clear.

0007149: Pickup Status window is open, while a new Pickup record is created

Fixed problem where – while the Pickup Status window is open in the background, an attempt to create a new pickup in the Pickups window is made. If  enough time elapses – the data entry will clear because of a timer object in the background.

0007147: “New” pickup – displays ‘”Aarons Pass” in address field

Fixed a problem that occurs when a new pickup request is created. In the Suburb State Postcode field it displays the first entry in the ‘drop down’ Suburb State Postcode’ list.

0007144: conversion of Pickups to Consignments

Fixed a problem where in some situations if you open a Pickup record and select Convert to Consignment, and then Name the Consignment, then Omnis ‘hangs’.

Also related

Fixed an issue where lines “disappeared”. This was where lines were considered blank because they did not have a price or a description.  Updated the code so that if any field is not empty, then the line is not considered “blank”.