Association with Curtin University (27th Aug 08)

An ex student himself, our head programmer Paul is enjoying his renewed association with Curtin University.

In July Paul presented a two-day “Introduction to Omnis” workshop, covering various aspects of programming in an Omnis Studio environment (this is the development tool used in most of our modular solutions). Feedback was encouraging, and opens the possibility of running another such course in the future. Sessions included file classes, data types, database design, messaging, windows, programming structures, lists, tasks, menus, reports, super/sub classes.


The final year Software Engineering Project course at Curtin run a series of guest presentations on various subjects, providing students the opportunity of getting a broader idea of the ‘real’ world beyond university.



In August Paul presented “software engineering from a small business perspective”. With experience as both employee and manager/owner of his own business, Paul could give comparative perspectives on the pitfalls and benefits of both options. Topics included cash flow, working hours, workplace environments. Another interesting subject was ‘Work from home versus live at work’. He spoke on a manager’s extra admin responsibilities such as documentation, employing and training others, dealing directly with customers. He explained the importance of understanding what motivates you in deciding which pathway is best for you. As for Paul, Logical Developments is his challenge and his dream.


We would like to acknowledge and thank Tele Tan, Associate Professor of Computing, Curtin University.