About Us

Company History

Logical Developments was originally called Howe Computer Developments, founded in 1984 by Kim and Cathy Howe. They sold the business to Paul and Caroline Mulroney in 1991, who renamed it a couple of years later. Although specialising in providing for small businesses, there have been no shortage of larger projects over the years. Our clientele has grown steadily in number and range, with our customised database systems in use around Australia and New Zealand. Paul is now regarded as one of Australia’s foremost Omnis developers.

The People Behind the Products

Paul Mulroney:
Director/Lead Programmer/Development Manager

Paul holds a B. Eng Comp Sys (Curtin University), is a member of the Omnis Technical committee and is considered one of the foremost Omnis developers in Australia. Growing up, Paul is originally from Cleveland, Queensland, moving to Pingelly WA in his high school years. High school is where his passion for programming took off, prompting him to move to Perth in 1987 to pursue computer studies. Paul concluded his four-year contract as a SCADA engineer in 1996 to focus on expanding Logical Developments.

Paul designed and implemented the modular system that forms the backbone of Logical Developments’ software solution. The modular system is a dynamically arranging system built so we can create something once and then re-use it as a module for multiple solutions. He also designed the mobile framework which is the basis of our hybrid mobile systems, using the Omnis “jsClient” technology. This allows mobile/web solutions to use the same security model as our desktop software

Described as a family man, Paul’s hobbies include playing & writing music alongside tinkering with electronics.

Caroline Mulroney:
Director/Financial Controller/Developer

Caroline holds a B. Bus. in Accounting (Curtin University) with thirty years industry experience.

Hailing from the small town of Cuballing from country WA, Caroline comes from a line of business and farm owners. She holds close the companies purpose to make someone’s day better striving to be a happy voice on the phone & working toward good software by solving problems.

Before becoming an active partner, and now co-director, in Logical Developments, she worked as an in-house accountant for a number of businesses. Caroline loves the creative side to software development. Now that their two boys have grown up, Caroline can focus more on programming which she has been doing since 1992.

In between her busy schedule and commitments, Caroline likes to work with her hands, working on the garden.

Aaron Mulroney:
Digital Marking Officer

As a recent Curtin graduate, Aaron holds a B. Arts (Humanities) in Internet Communication, minoring in Screen Production. Born and raised in Bentley, Aaron attended high school in Willetton which fostered a fascination with Film and Physics. Taking those interests to university, his studies cultivated an understanding of communities and how they function online. Aaron has worked with Logical Developments in the past, editing together the Your Omnis interviews. Working part time, Aaron operates our website and social media channels.

When he isn’t working in the office or at his local Woolworths, you can find Aaron catching up with friends over a casual game of Mario Kart or teamed up over Xbox live. If he’s not inside, he’s gone exploring with his wife.