A Walk in the Black Forest?

For any of those out there who remember ‘The Goodies’…..And now….. A Walk in the Black Forest…..

    The 2018 EurOmnis Conference is currently underway, we want to give a big shout out to all of our colleagues in the Omnis Development community, over in Kerpen (Germany)….so excited to hear about the new Studio 9.0 and other updates…
    We will give everyone some feedback next week, when we get the complete rundown from the event organisers, until then…

Why do we use Omnis – “WHY DON’T YOU?” – because its the only truly cross platform environment (IOS, Win, Android, Linux) Rapid Development and Deployment tool on the market and when we looked at other languages and tools nothing does things quite as robustly and quickly as Omnis.

Visit the Omnis Website for more information or a free trial download of the development tools.