Logical Developments uses Teamviewer to provide remote software support to clients.

 To use Teamviewer – in a support consultation with Logical Developments:
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Click the links below, to view our current Price List and Charges Summary.
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In short, Support will be charged in one of two ways:

      • at the full hourly rate
      • at a discounted rate – when a valid Support Agreement is in place

Support Agreements

Option A: Updates Only @ $330.00 per annum

Option B: Updates and 10 Hours of Support Package @ $1100.00 each

Terms and Conditions

      • All prices include GST.
      • Agreements are perpetual until Cancelled
      • Support hours may be applied to any possible support/development charges

Option A: is invoiced annually on 1st February (mid-year start charged pro-rata)

Option B: Support hours are purchased 10 Hours at a time (package)

      • As pre-paid hours are consumed, a “Support Usage” invoice for $0 will be issued, with details of how the hours were applied.
      • When balance of hours falls below 2, the client will automatically be charged for an additional package
      • Unused hours will expire 12 months from the last ‘charging’ invoice
Phone/online support:
      • Minimum charge of 15 minutes applies, further charge in 15 minute increments.
On-site support:
      • Perth metro: minimum callout fee of 1 hour including travel.
      • Outside of Perth metro: quote will be provided.
Support Charges

Support charges apply for such issues as:

      • Problems due to incorrect preference settings and/or user error.
      • Providing additional staff training and assistance.
      • Installation, hardware and/or network issues.


    • The purchase price of any Logical Developments software includes a 30 day Warranty period.
    • Where the software does not operate as advertised (eg development specifications), and this is reported to LD within the Warranty period, a correction will be made free of charge.
    • Automatic updates for the software package, are included free of charge, during the 30 day Warranty period.