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A Walk in the Black Forest?

For any of those out there who remember ‘The Goodies’…..And now….. A Walk in the Black Forest….. The 2018 EurOmnis Conference is currently underway, we want to give a big shout out to all of our colleagues in the Omnis Development

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EurOmnis and your business

Exciting new features for business software will be released at the EurOmnis Conference 2018 7th -12th October 2018 – Kerpen, Germany “We wish conference delegates all the best, as they travel from around the world to meet together, share ideas

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Meeting Omnis developers from around the world

EurOmnis Conference October 2017: The “EurOmnis” Conference 2017, held in the city of Arnhem in the Netherlands, attended by delegates from around the world. During the conference they were able to meet the new owners of Omnis Software Ltd and

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ConNote – when the charge is ‘as quoted’

ConNote easily allows for a consignment to be charged at a ‘Quoted’ cost. To do so, check the Quoted checkbox on the Consignments window. This enables data entry in charges fields, and disables automatically calculated charges using a Price List.

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A sneak peek of Bookshop Online

The new ‘Bookshop Online’ program – given rave reviews! Staff, of a university Student Guild operated bookshop, took part in a demonstration of “Bookshop Online” today. They were very impressed with how easy it was to use. The functions met

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Bookshop – **NEW** Online Store option

Logical Developments is pleased to announce an exciting addition to the Bookshop software package. We are developing software, that will enable Bookshop to be an online store. More information coming soon…….

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ConNote – Consignment charges: Who pays?

Using the ‘Charge’ checkboxes on the Consignments window The Charge checkboxes are used to set the payer for a consignment. The charges can be billed as either: an invoice to an account or as a ‘Cash Sale’ The rate of

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EDI – increases business efficiency

Electronic Data Interchange – Reduce the paper waste – transfer information electronically – increase efficiency Edibasics gives this definition – Electronic Data Interchange is the computer-to-computer exchange of business documents in a standard electronic format between business partners. Logical Developments

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Staff News – February 2017

Paul and Caroline had five days of restful holiday in the lovely south west coastal town of Augusta. Thankfully, on Friday Feb 10th they decided not to drive to south east to Esperance, as had been planned. Over the next

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Discount Offer – Support Agreement

LD are offering a DISCOUNT on the purchase price – 10 hours of software support and automatic updates The offer: Agreement B: ’10 Hours of Support and Automatic Updates’ purchase in 2017 and pay the 2010 price!! This price is

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