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Facebook (and Online) Security, A PSA.

This a Public Service Announcement. A friend of Logical Developments had their Facebook account hacked, and so we thought it best to address the issue of online security. This is a basic overview, and not at all the definitive word

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Product Verification Testing!

Over the last several months, the development team have been hard at work upgrading the payroll module to be a Single Touch Payroll (STP) solution in accordance with the Australian Taxation Office’s guidelines. As of last week, we have entered

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Farewell to Graeme (August 2019)

Graeme has been working for LD for three and half a years, beating out the company average of two years. All good things must come to end, and we’re sad to announce that today marks Graeme’s last day with Logical

ConNote – Online Customer Portal

ConNote has a new feature – The Online Customer Portal. Companies wishing to transport freight are able to create new quotes online.

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Single Touch Payroll Roll out

At the start of this financial year (2019/2020), the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) have made Single Touch Payroll (STP) reporting mandatory for all businesses (Read our summary here). Small and micro-businesses have the current period to start using STP solutions,

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Fourth-Day Databasing

First starting in 2016, the team at Logical Developments have been working on an online database for Emmaus. The Walk to Emmaus is a four day event designed to allow participants “to re-experience their faith, to re-experience grace” as described

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We’d like to welcome aboard Aaron Mulroney! He has joined the team as our Digital Marketing Officer. He is responsible for managing our Facebook and LinkedIn channels as well as any future video projects for Logical Developments.

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Farewell to Shane (Mar 19)

Shane Poletti has stepped down from his role as our Customer Liaison Officer to pursue other business ventures. Shane was a friendly face and a caring person to have in the office.

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Online Databases

Working closely with the Emmaus WA communities, Graeme has been working on an online data-basing tool designed for contact management. This project has been an opportunity for Logical Developments to develop an online system that enables non-centralised Fourth Day communities

NBN and Phone Systems

Introduction In Australia, the National Broadband Network is being rolled out across the country. The NBN is Australia’s largest infrastructure project, and aims to provide all Australians with a guaranteed minimum level of internet access. As part of this process,